Festive Holiday Happenings In and Around the Vieux Carre

October 31, 2016
In New Orleans, holiday traditions are as thick as roux as we roll out the red (and green) carpet for visitors and locals alike. Exquisite sights, wonderful Creole food, long-treasured Creole traditions spiced with 21st-century fun, and jazz concerts abound. When Louis Armstrong put his gravelly vocals to smooth brass on the swinging 1955 recording of "Christmas in New Orleans," his voice was like New Orleans itself... a unique blend of rough edges and refinement. Our well-worn and mightily loved Crescent City is decked out in lights, bows, and sparkle, ready for the season's pageantry.

Royal Carriages Celebrates 75th Anniversary

August 01, 2016
Three generations ago, in 1941, Clem and Violet Lauga purchased a horse-drawn wagon from Aunt Sally’s Pralines, and thus began Royal Carriages. Scenic wagon rides throughout the cobblestone streets of the old French Quarter quickly evolved into entertaining narrated tours explaining the unique history and culture of New Orleans, and the small family owned business began to grow.

Voodoo and Restless Spirits of the Vieux Carre

August 01, 2016
In the land of voodoo, vampires, and witchcraft, it’s no wonder that America’s most haunted city is rife with tales of restless spirits. Native Americans warned French settlers not to build a city on this “cursed land.” Louisiana Voodoo originated from the traditions of the African diaspora as a cultural form of the Afro-American religions that developed within the French, Spanish, and Creole speaking African American population of Louisiana. It is an African-based religion rooted in West African Vodun.

"We're Bringing Dirty Back," Dirty Linen Night Celebrating 15 years

August 01, 2016
The French Quarter has always been a place of celebration, street performers, musicians and artists. All this will be on display at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Quarter's fun and notorious Dirty Linen Night, which began as a reaffirmation of the Vieux Carre's status as the artistic center of New Orleans.

So Many Entertaining Evenings!

May 10, 2016
Get out those fashionable white linens, espadrilles, sandals and seersucker suits, and other stylish, summer-ish threads as New Orleans’ semi-tropical climate is upon us. As we spring into summer, New Orleans’ year ‘round seasonal festivals and cultural events are soaring.

Now is a particularly excellent time for festivals, outdoor extravaganzas devoted to all matters New Orleans - music, culture, cuisine and celebration.

The Beauty That Surrounds Us

May 10, 2016
Close your eyes and picture yourself in an open air café on the Avenue de Champs Elysée or maybe in a quaint courtyard of a Paris café….then open your eyes and you are there! The Vieux Carre has all the charm of our European friends and so much more…. romance fills the air with sounds of Jazz, birds singing, and the smell of fresh-brewed chicory coffee…..as only the French Quarter can deliver. The Courtyards of the French Quarter are private, lush, and teaming with nature, and are as important as the walls that surround them.

Romantic French Quarter Weddings

May 10, 2016
Danni lived in Texas all of her life and she never dreamed that she would tie the knot in the French Quarter. After graduation from Texas A&M University with a degree in elementary education, she moved to Fredericksburg, Texas, to teach math and science to fourth graders. She did not know anyone in the small town until she met Brandon, a dashingly handsome neighbor from Illinois. They fell head-over-heels madly in love and the rest is history! She had the world in her hand… or, as we say in New Orleans, the world was her oyster!

Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival

February 03, 2016
The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival will be celebrating their landmark 30th anniversary Festival, March 30 – April 3, 2016. From modest beginnings—a single weekend of programming at Le Petit Theatre in 1987—the Festival has grown to include more than 75 events taking place throughout the city over five days.

New Orleans: Always Entertaining!

February 03, 2016
Most New Orleanians take it for granted, but at any given time --no matter what the season -- visitors to the City marvel at the barrage of constant, over-lapping cultural activities, traditional festivals and vast array of entertainment opportunities that continue to define the city as one of the most desired destinations in the world.

Non-stop Spring Celebrations!

February 03, 2016
The “Greatest Show on Earth,” otherwise known as Mardi Gras will be celebrated early this year on February 9th. The biggest free party thrown in North America always falls 46 days before Easter and is the city's most popular attraction. Visitors and locals alike love the party atmosphere, the crowds, costumed revelers, and the camaraderie.

Wrap Up the Season!

November 02, 2015
Kick seasonal anxiety to the curb and spend the holidays shopping the streets of the French Quarter while relaxing to the tune of the city’s jazz and brass band delights. Need to pick up one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts? Santa himself will be jealous of the treasures you will find in the Vieux Carre’s eclectic shops, boutiques and markets of all kinds.