Summer Brides

April 29, 2013
Many couples choose to add the spice of New Orleans to the wedding of their dreams, surrounded by magnificent landmarks and the rich sounds and history of one of the world's most celebrated cities. Some desire an authentic Big Easy style wedding; others prefer an elegant Southern wedding, but whatever you can imagine can be created to assure your special day is filled with memories that will last a lifetime! Romance, after all, has always found its home in the French Quarter and is one of the many reasons that New Orleans is a top wedding destination.

"Hot Fun in the Summertime!" - New Orleans Offers Plenty of Exciting Events This Summer

April 29, 2013
In years past, New Orleans has been a place to get away from during the hot, steamy summer months. Not anymore! Taking its cue from the old Sly & The Family Stone song, New Orleans has now become the place to come to for some "hot fun in the summertime."

Plenty of "hot fun" things are cooking here this summer, especially in the French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods. Recent years have seen the addition of new summer fun events, the expansion of existing ones and the continued existence of those that have been here for awhile.

Romancing the French Quarter

January 30, 2013
We're a little biased in the Big Easy - we tend to think our beloved city offers the best of everything, which is why it came as no surprise when New Orleans was ranked #1 in CNN Travel's 2012 list, "The World's Most Really, Truly Romantic Cities." Take a leisurely walk through the French Quarter, with its legendary restaurants, luxury shopping, picturesque courtyards, and the lazy sounds of jazz spilling from all corners - and you'll know why there's no better place in the U.S. for couples to canoodle.

Treats for your sweet

Heart of the Quarter - Heartbeat of Mardi Gras

January 30, 2013
As most of you know, "Heart of the Quarter" is all about the faces that make this neighborhood the experience of a lifetime for locals and tourists alike. So when choosing my "Heart of the Quarter" this issue, I decided to step outside of my slice of heaven and find a face that represents the city as a whole. After all, we are moving into a season where our entire city comes together for what some call the greatest free party on Earth. And what better face to highlight than that of Mardi Gras itself: Barry Kern.

Number One For Fun! French Quarter Is "The" Place To Come And Party

January 30, 2013
It's party time in New Orleans and the French Quarter is rockin'!

Once again Bourbon Street is Ground Zero for the fun and excitement as a New Year kicks in. Whether you're here with your fraternity or sorority, or with a group of friends, or even by yourself (which you won't be for long!) you'll find plenty of exciting things to keep your partying spirit going here in The Big Easy. If you're not here yet, you need to make your plans and reservations now. The fun is just beginning and you'll want to be close enough to be able to walk to and from it.

Holiday Shopping - French Quarter Style

November 08, 2012
The holiday season brings traditions to life in the French Quarter. Another thing it does is give the opportunity to trade the hustle and bustle of the suburban mall for a shopping experience like no other. While holiday shopping reached its peak on Canal Street, some of the most interesting and hard to locate items lie within the thirteen blocks of the French Quarter.

Heart of The Quarter - Uncle Louie and Lil Willie

November 08, 2012
By the time I was 9 years old I had run out of excuses to get out of going to church. I had more sore throats than anyone else I knew, I had headaches, back aches, got attacked by a opossum, my best friend got attacked by a opossum, my best friend's cousin got attacked y a opossum. It was not that I didn't like church or God or the singing, I did. I liked it all. I just could not sit still for longer than five minutes. This affliction carried on to high school where I developed a very intricate string of stories to allow me exit from my desk.

Party Hearty in Super Bowl City

November 07, 2012
Myriad of Events Set for Big Game in February

It's the marquee event in American professional sports and it's coming to New Orleans on Sunday, February 3. However, Super Bowl XLVII will be more than just a three-hour game between the top-seeded teams of the American and National Football Conferences. It's a weeklong extravaganza of exciting, entertaining and educational events, and no other host city puts on a better show than New Orleans where more Super Bowls have been held than any other city.

Heart of The Quarter - The Fabulous Faces of Nikki McCoy

July 31, 2012
Whenever I think of strong women, I get an image of Tootsie in my head, then I refocus and suddenly standing before me are my lady heroes. You know them as Dorothy and Scarlett; I know them as the founders of the "tough bitch club". We will call that the TBC so I don't have to keep saying "bitch" over, and over, which will undoubtedly upset my editor Donna (who btw is the TBC member with the best shoes). Anyway, these ladies made lemons out of lemonade, took the bad and made it good, and stared straight ahead and on the track.

Evoking the Spirits of the Vieux Carre

July 31, 2012
In the land of voodoo, vampires, and witchcraft, it's no wonder that America's most haunted city is rife with tales of restless spirits. Our turbulent history is cloaked in a shroud of supernatural intrigue and mystery that makes it a ghost hunter's dream come true!