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The Stage Is Set... Show-Stopping Classics, Comedies, Crooners & More!

December 15, 2022
Whether you’re a fan of the classics or prefer contemporary, there’s something to warm the heart and soul every music and performing arts lover this winter. Get into the holiday spirit with The Nutcracker ballet, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical or enjoy traditional holiday tunes performed by renowned singers Chris Isaak and Lauren Daigle. Get ready to laugh out loud with award-winning comedians, tap your toes to top musicals, and dance without care at exhilarating concerts. Bravo!

House of Blues –

Bowl Me Over... It's Gumbo Time!

December 15, 2022
Ask any New Orleans native “Who makes the best gumbo?” and most will reply, “My Mama,” or “My Maw-Maw.” And while that’s probably true, you don’t have to look very hard to find a tasty bowl of this distinctly Louisiana dish, which is proudly spooned up in casual and fine dining establishments all over town. The name gumbo is derived from the word “gombo,” which translates to “okra” in many West African languages. Generally, gumbo is a roux-based soup thickened with okra or filé, which is an herbal spice made from dried and ground sassafras leaves.

Fall Showtime: Lights, Camera, Action! Kickoff to the Cultural Season

September 06, 2022
As the temperature slowly begins to drop in the Crescent City, the cultural and concert seasons are heating up. The opera, ballet, philharmonic orchestra and theater all take center stage each fall with myriad standing-ovation-worthy performances ranging from Beethoven to Broadway. And if you’re looking to laugh out loud, tap your toes or dance like nobody’s watching, there is no shortage of shows to stir the soul.

BB’s Stage Door Canteen –
September 17: Latin Music Dine & Dance with Muevelo

Fall for the French Market - A Cornucopia of Festivities, Food and Fun!

September 06, 2022
For over 200 years, the historic French Market has been a lively and engaging hub for community, commerce and culture. While many aspects of the world-renowned shopping and social district have been as fluid as the Mississippi River (on which the market sits), one thing remains true—this economic and entertainment engine continues to drive locals and visitors to the heart of the Crescent City, delighting them around every turn.

Shuck Yeah! Finding Your Oyster Pearl

September 06, 2022
Raw, fried, charbroiled, Rockefeller, swimming in soup, nestled in a po-boy or atop a bed of lettuce … New Orleans’ fall-time favorite seafood is a delicious delicacy no matter which way you shuck it. The official season for Louisiana Gulf oysters typically begins just after Labor Day and runs through the end of April (AKA the “R” months) when oyster aficionados believe that they are at their best. However, since the majority of oysters are farm-raised and harvested year-round, these meaty mollusks are spectacular any time of the year.

Showtime: In The Hot Seat

June 07, 2022
The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up this summer in the Big Easy. From sultry Broadway classics and fiery comedy specials to the hottest acts in country, pop, rap, gospel, hip-hop, rock and more, there’s no shortage of sizzling shows to help keep you cool and wash away those summertime blues.

Champions Square –
June 16: Crowder - My People Tour

Well Seasoned - Culinary Classics Continue to Captivate

June 07, 2022
In the often-fickle restaurant industry, where one day you’re in and the next day you’re out, several iconic restaurants in the Crescent City continue to stand the test of time. Year after year of offering tried and true dishes, exceptional libations and top-notch service in a charming atmosphere, these historical dining institutions have garnered countless accolades and legions of fans. And due to our unwavering affinity for timeless traditions and classic cuisine, these legends remain as prominent and celebrated today as they were decades ago.

Antoine’s Restaurant

In A Pinch: Crazy About Crawfish

March 07, 2022
While folks in many parts of the country anticipate the springtime for its lovely weather, here in southern Louisiana we anxiously await the arrival of spring to usher in the peak of crawfish season. While these mouthwatering mudbugs (which by the way, are the official crustacean of the state of Louisiana) can be found on menus year-round, many restaurants choose to feature them only when they are at their best, typically between March and May.

Premier Performances to Tickle Your Fancy

March 07, 2022
Spring has sprung—so have spectacular shows of all sorts. Whether you’re ready to laugh out loud or jam out, to take in classic or modern acts, there’s something to suit every live performance palate. From Broadway and ballet, to comedy, country, and crooners, we’ve got your ticket to the hottest shows in town!

Champions Square –

Apr. 8: Bon Iver
The GRAMMY® award-winning American indie-folk band performs live with special guest Dijon in this state-of-the-art outdoor venue.

House of Blues –

It's Showtime!

December 07, 2021
Christmas Classics, Toe-Tapping Tunes and Dramatic Dances

While cool winter days bring less sunshine, there’s no shortage of exceptional entertainment to brighten your day. Whether your show style is classic or contemporary, comical or heartfelt, you’re sure to find something to excite your senses. From timeless theatrical performances and beloved holiday traditions to symphonic spectacles, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for lights, camera, action!

Saenger Theatre –

December 14–19

New and Renewed Restaurants

December 07, 2021
In a city notorious for its food scene, the New Orleans culinary landscape continues to evolve. New restaurants continue to pop up—including several ethnic eateries—while other favorites have undergone a sort of renewal. Despite all of the openings, closings and reinventing that the restaurant industry has recently experienced, one thing holds true: you do not have to look very hard or far to find a delectable dining experience in the Crescent City. Bon Appétit!

Barrilleaux’s Restaurant & Wine Bar
2000 Burgundy St;