The Other Side Of The French Quarter: Ethereal Or Wicked?

September 30, 2021
There’s no question that the French Quarter is haunted. It’s interesting, however, to ponder the paranormal state of the port city’s heart and soul: is it a spiritually sacred, or spiritually damaging?

Showtime: From Stage Favs to Living Legends

September 29, 2021
With the art season in full swing, there is no shortage of humorous, heartfelt, and emotionally charged shows to delight audiences. Although musical festivals are on hold, there are boundless world renowned, award-winning, and beloved local musicians ready to rock your world. From bodacious burlesque to great guitarists, you’re sure to find something to fit your entertainment bill.

Champions Square – champions-square.com
October 5 – Stone Temple Pilots and Bush with Special Guest Black Map

Spend the Night in a Bygone Era

September 29, 2021
In 18th-century America, the first lodgings which offered a bed and breakfast came into existence. With more travelers than rooms available, locals began renting out extra rooms in their homes to guests. It later became a way for homeowners to make money, and for travelers to cut expenses during the Great Depression. By the end of World War II, several middle-class Americans, inspired by trips to Europe, began establishing their own bed and breakfast services. Today’s tourists enjoy the benefits of staying in a home, sharing experiences with locals, and relishing in true hospitality.

Celebrate New Orleans Voodoo

September 29, 2021
Voodoo came to New Orleans in the early 1700s through slaves brought from Africa’s western “slave coast.” Voodoo then infused with the city’s dominant religion, Catholicism, becoming a Voodoo-Catholicism hybrid sometimes referred to as New Orleans Voodoo.

Celebrating Old Man River

September 21, 2020
On September 22nd through 27th, the New Orleans Jazz Museum’s NOLA River Fest will virtually celebrate the cultural, economic, environmental & inspirational impacts and contributions of the Mississippi River to the Crescent City. For centuries, Old Man River has been an important route for trade and travel, has sustained livelihoods, offers opportunities for recreation, and has a significant role in the culture, health and livelihoods of people along its long route.

Spring Flings in the French Market

January 29, 2020
On Fat Tuesday, people wear masks to go incognito and unleash their alter ego. The practice of disguising one's true identity behind a mask dates back to the European celebration of Carnival interlaced with customs of pagan Rome. In the beginning, donning masks during Mardi Gras allowed wearers to escape societal and class constraints. Masked carnival goers were free to be whomever they wanted to be and mingle with whatever class they desired. On Fat Tuesday, wearing masks adds to the enigma and debauchery of celebrations throughout the French Quarter.

More than Twenty Shows at More than Twenty Venues in the Vieux Carré

January 29, 2020
Everywhere else in the country, it may not yet be spring, or it may be spring that feels like the final throes of winter, but this is New Orleans—spring has decidedly sprung. Carnival comes early this year, and even the chilly days radiate with celebratory buzz. Mardi Gras Day (February 25), French Quarter Festival (April 16-19), and the first weekend of JazzFest (April 22-27) fire off in rapid secession to bookend the blitz between the new year and summertime.

Rolling on the River

January 29, 2020
Let the good times roll! The newest addition to the New Orleans riverfront and sister vessel of the Steamboat Natchez, the renovated riverboat City of New Orleans offers unforgettable daily jazz brunch and dinner cruises down the Mississippi River. On the cruise, visitors are offered an inside look at the artists at work on our Mardi Gras tradition. Mardi Gras World, where they build the floats that will eventually make their way down St. Charles Avenue in the grand and opulent Mardi Gras parades, offers a tour that rounds out a uniquely New Orleans experience.

All Hail, Krewe of Cork!

January 29, 2020
Patrick van Hoorebeek, a Belgium-born French Quarter bon vivant, is founder of the Krewe of Cork and serves as their King for Life. On February 14, he will lead fellow Corkians on their 20th annual wine-fueled Mardi Gras jaunt through the French Quarter. “We have an 11 am Bloody Mary block party in front of the Court of Two Sisters, followed by a ‘sparkling lunch’ where the champagne shall flow in the lush courtyard, culminating in the 3pm parade, explains the benevolent King.”We celebrate Wine! Food!

Let’s Party!

January 29, 2020
The Greatest Free Show on Earth, otherwise known as Mardi Gras, will be celebrated this year on Tuesday, February 25th. The biggest free party thrown in North America always falls 46 days before Easter and is the city's most popular attraction. Visitors and locals alike love the party atmosphere, jovial crowds, and costumed revelers.

HOLLA! DAZE - Music, Comedy, and Theater Showtimes Galore

November 01, 2019
The days may be getting shorter…but that means more nighttime and more options for after dark. It may not be festival season yet, but the winter months may just be the best time of year to visit New Orleans. The city is certainly a busy place no matter what season, but the holidays offer a particularly sophisticated lineup of entertainment. Seasonal decorations and lighting accent the beauty of the city’s historical theaters and halls. The weather is milder than most locales, so no need to coat check those puffy winter coats.