Open the Gift of Christmas New Orleans Style

November 05, 2013
In New Orleans, holiday traditions are as thick as roux. Steeped in tradition, much has changed since the 1850s. Before Christmas trees became the fashion spurred by Queen Victoria's example, New Orleanians would typically set a small potted wax myrtle or citrus tree on a table. Trees were decorated with little gifts, paper ornaments and tallow candles. Today, exquisite sights, wonderful Creole food, long-treasured traditions spiced with 21st-century fun and jazz concerts abound.

Dinner and A Show

November 05, 2013
The Magic of Broadway is no longer confined to The Great White Way.

Broadway has returned to New Orleans in incredibly big fashion with the reopening of a grand venue, The Saenger Theatre, which takes its important place alongside Le Petit Theatre, the Joy Theatre, the Civic Theatre, and the Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts.

New Orleans' theatres are active and they don't take a back seat to any performance venue in the world when it comes to high-level productions and diversity of shows. In other words, New Orleans is a "hot theatre town."

A Spirited Stroll

November 05, 2013
The mid-winter season brings a much-desired fresh breath of cooler air to New Orleans' usually sub-tropical climate.

Along with the welcome weather changes, opportunities to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities abound with football games, end of the year holidays, social gatherings, parades, festivals, shows and other events.

Many of these festivities are accompanied by fine food, luscious libations and the music that was born on the streets of New Orleans.

The French Quarter, with its Old World charm, offers

Dirty Linen, One Hot Night in the French Quarter

August 02, 2013
The summer block party is a classic staple of American culture. The words welcome images of open front doors, ice cold drinks to ward off the summer heat, mingling friends, and music. In New Orleans the summers hottest block party is held on the second Saturday in August, with nine blocks of premier Royal Street real estate opening their doors to showcase the artists, artisans, galleries, and antique shops of the French Quarter.

French Quarter Haunts

August 02, 2013
In the wee hours of the morning, away from the bright lights and revelry of Bourbon Street, walking the dimly lit streets, it is quiet and the air a bit still, and perhaps you've imbibed on more than a few cocktails. You approach the Ursulines Convent, and look up to see one of the always closed and never seen open board and batten shutters on the attic dormers fly open and shear off the hinges!

FestiGals 2013: "A Party with a Purpose"

April 29, 2013

Exciting Events Set for Weekend of June 20-23

One of the marquee events of the Summer of '13 is the Third Annual FestiGals celebration taking place in the historic French Quarter from June 20-23. A festival created by women for women, FestiGals is a weekend dedicated to empowering women and celebrating fashion, food, friendship and . . . especially . . . FUN!

Summer Brides

April 29, 2013
Many couples choose to add the spice of New Orleans to the wedding of their dreams, surrounded by magnificent landmarks and the rich sounds and history of one of the world's most celebrated cities. Some desire an authentic Big Easy style wedding; others prefer an elegant Southern wedding, but whatever you can imagine can be created to assure your special day is filled with memories that will last a lifetime! Romance, after all, has always found its home in the French Quarter and is one of the many reasons that New Orleans is a top wedding destination.

"Hot Fun in the Summertime!" - New Orleans Offers Plenty of Exciting Events This Summer

April 29, 2013
In years past, New Orleans has been a place to get away from during the hot, steamy summer months. Not anymore! Taking its cue from the old Sly & The Family Stone song, New Orleans has now become the place to come to for some "hot fun in the summertime."

Plenty of "hot fun" things are cooking here this summer, especially in the French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods. Recent years have seen the addition of new summer fun events, the expansion of existing ones and the continued existence of those that have been here for awhile.

Romancing the French Quarter

January 30, 2013
We're a little biased in the Big Easy - we tend to think our beloved city offers the best of everything, which is why it came as no surprise when New Orleans was ranked #1 in CNN Travel's 2012 list, "The World's Most Really, Truly Romantic Cities." Take a leisurely walk through the French Quarter, with its legendary restaurants, luxury shopping, picturesque courtyards, and the lazy sounds of jazz spilling from all corners - and you'll know why there's no better place in the U.S. for couples to canoodle.

Treats for your sweet

Heart of the Quarter - Heartbeat of Mardi Gras

January 30, 2013
As most of you know, "Heart of the Quarter" is all about the faces that make this neighborhood the experience of a lifetime for locals and tourists alike. So when choosing my "Heart of the Quarter" this issue, I decided to step outside of my slice of heaven and find a face that represents the city as a whole. After all, we are moving into a season where our entire city comes together for what some call the greatest free party on Earth. And what better face to highlight than that of Mardi Gras itself: Barry Kern.