Donna Horowitz

Our Most Festive Time of Year!

March 07, 2022
We have a saying in Louisiana: “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” or “Let the good times roll.” Saying this Cajun expression is a fun and festive way to get people riled up and let them know that the party is starting.

A Celebration Like No Other!

May 07, 2018
There is no place quite like New Orleans! And this year our historic American port city celebrates its Tricentennial. Take a walking tour through the Vieux Carre and stop at the 400 block of Decatur to view the statue of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, a French-Canadian explorer and colonizer who founded New Orleans. As you stroll through the French Quarter’s lively city streets, notice the architecture derived from France and Spain, giving you the feeling like you are transporting in time.

The Beauty That Surrounds Us

May 10, 2016
Close your eyes and picture yourself in an open air café on the Avenue de Champs Elysée or maybe in a quaint courtyard of a Paris café….then open your eyes and you are there! The Vieux Carre has all the charm of our European friends and so much more…. romance fills the air with sounds of Jazz, birds singing, and the smell of fresh-brewed chicory coffee… only the French Quarter can deliver. The Courtyards of the French Quarter are private, lush, and teaming with nature, and are as important as the walls that surround them.

Tribute to an Icon - Chef Paul Prudhomme

November 02, 2015
Photo by Michael Palumbo

Louisiana’s unofficial, yet much heralded epicurean ambassador who rocked the culinary world, Chef Paul Prudhomme, passed away just weeks ago.

From his humble beginnings, the 13th child of sharecropper parents in rural Opelousas, Louisiana, Prudhomme rose to the top of his game in the gastronomic sphere leaving an indelible legacy for would-be chefs, restaurateurs and food lovers everywhere.