Thierry Dumont

Browsing Outside the Square

October 31, 2016
These days, New Orleans is bursting at the seams — just as it was 200 years ago.

Eleven years after the physical devastation and population decline in the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, the city is filled with Millennials, opening new businesses, frequenting hundreds of new cafes and bars, and devouring art in galleries in both the Vieux Carre and surrounding neighborhoods.

"We're Bringing Dirty Back," Dirty Linen Night Celebrating 15 years

August 01, 2016
The French Quarter has always been a place of celebration, street performers, musicians and artists. All this will be on display at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Quarter's fun and notorious Dirty Linen Night, which began as a reaffirmation of the Vieux Carre's status as the artistic center of New Orleans.

Drink in the Art and Culture of the French Quarter, As Well as its Libation

August 01, 2016
A stroll along Royal Street, with its historic buildings, inspires visions of the past, of centuries when artists, tradesman and explorers exchanged both greetings and the products of their labors.

Art and New Orleans’ French Quarter have gone hand-in-hand for almost three centuries. As the city prepares to celebrate the 300th anniversary of it’s founding in 1718, it’s not hard to envision artists and cartographers, who often accompanied early explorers, sketching buildings and ramparts of the new city for monarchs and anxious investors back home in Europe.