summer 2015

Collecting Antiques: From Hobby to Institution

May 05, 2015
Filled with images of ships and sea monsters, one early seventeenth-century map of the Americas features a gigantic North America; so large, in fact, that it stretches across half the page and is comparatively larger than South America. Created by Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator (1512 - 1594), the map was originally printed in an atlas. The bottom left corner features a vignette of native women making a beverage - several are spitting into a pot, from which the men drink.

The Art of Antiquing

May 04, 2015
My best girlfriend and I have been celebrating our April birthdays every year by going "antiquing" on Royal Street. We shop 'til we drop, then plop down for some cocktails and shop some more! As we browse along, walking beneath balconies dripping with Spring flowers, the street's lively aura pulls us in. It showcases our local talents of Dixieland jazz, a puppeteer, a magician, a living statue, a busker strumming a beat-up guitar, and a silver mime"...we are always surprised and delighted by Royal Street happenings.

New Orleans: Showcase of the Stars

May 04, 2015
New Orleans is not really a show-off kind of town.

The fun here flows quite naturally. We authentically celebrate our heritage, our cultures, our cuisines, our music, our history, and our legendary local characters from every walk of life whom have passed this way.

Yet it is in this season when the town gets the urge to brag and show off just a little bit. We are truly blessed with an embarrassment of riches right now.

Chef Spotlight: Neal Swidler

May 04, 2015
Broussard's, one of the French Quarter's premiere French and Creole restaurants, is nearing its first centennial anniversary. With the establishment's spectacular physical renovation in 2013, Broussard's continues to offer decadent dining in sophisticated settings amid an alluring ambiance.

In command of the kitchen, Executive Chef Neal Swidler creates memorable culinary experiences for guests with the freshest, finest ingredients available and the knowledge and background acquired over a 20-year career at the executive level in some of the most acclaimed kitchens in the area.

Time Out for Brunch!

May 04, 2015
Dining out in New Orleans is always a treat for locals and visitors alike. A late breakfast or hearty brunch is a popular way to get the day started, whether followed by work, meetings, shopping, mild exercise or whatever. Or a long brunch, accompanied by cocktails, is also in the cards for enjoying a special event, such as "Sunday," meeting new friends, or just being in New Orleans.

If brunch is on your schedule, or even if it's not, here are some very fine places among our favorite French Quarter eateries to find a welcome repast.

Summer Rum Fun!

May 04, 2015
Rum! The spirit that is a seasonal favorite, no matter what the weather. In the winter, we sip rum hot toddies to keep us warm and in the summer, we have Planters Punch and Tiki drinks to refresh and cool us down!

Sutton Galleries: 100 Years and Counting

May 04, 2015
The premier Sutton Galleries, one of New Orleans' longest running art galleries, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Founded in 1915 by Jack Sutton, an art lover with a vision, the gallery is now in its fourth generation of Sutton family ownership.

For more than a century, the Sutton family has offered years of experience dealing in fine art. The gallery offers original oil paintings, as well as limited editions which are hand-embellished by the artist.

A Royal Stroll

May 04, 2015
Taking a walk down Royal Street is a magical experience for all the senses. With every block, you find yourself walking to the beat of the trumpet or guitar played by a local street musician, savoring the delicious smells of New Orleans cuisine as you pass world re-known restaurants, appreciating the stunning architecture from the historic buildings that house enchanting shops and galleries filled with fine art, rare antiques, and unique gifts.

Royal Street is a true New Orleans treasure.

A Bride's Story

May 04, 2015
Aimee was a lucky lady; she had the world in her hand"... or, as we say in New Orleans, the world was her oyster! She was beautiful, blessed to be born and raised in New Orleans, and was smart as well as motivated. After graduating from LSU, Aimee earned her advanced degree from Tulane and started working as a young professional in the New Orleans community"...but something was missing in her life"....she always dreamed of using her skills to honor and serve her country, so Aimee joined the Air Force as an Officer. While in the service, Aimee met a dashingly handsome young man, "A.