fall 2022

Voodoo and Ghostly Encounters

September 06, 2022
Founded in 1718, New Orleans has three centuries of French, Spanish, African, Native American, and Acadian history filled with violent deaths. Legends of grisly murders, plundering pirates, voodoo spirits and restless wanderers run rampant across the city. Some of the original residents and visitors of our historic French Quarter never left town!

Fall Showtime: Lights, Camera, Action! Kickoff to the Cultural Season

September 06, 2022
As the temperature slowly begins to drop in the Crescent City, the cultural and concert seasons are heating up. The opera, ballet, philharmonic orchestra and theater all take center stage each fall with myriad standing-ovation-worthy performances ranging from Beethoven to Broadway. And if you’re looking to laugh out loud, tap your toes or dance like nobody’s watching, there is no shortage of shows to stir the soul.

BB’s Stage Door Canteen – nationalww2museum.org
September 17: Latin Music Dine & Dance with Muevelo

Art Sings the Blues

September 06, 2022
In October 2022, the New Orleans Jazz Museum will joyfully exhibit their recent acquisition of the large, detailed paintings of Frederick Brown. Donated by his widow in June of 2021, his portraits celebrate those who have made important contributions to contemporary culture.

Fall for the French Market - A Cornucopia of Festivities, Food and Fun!

September 06, 2022
For over 200 years, the historic French Market has been a lively and engaging hub for community, commerce and culture. While many aspects of the world-renowned shopping and social district have been as fluid as the Mississippi River (on which the market sits), one thing remains true—this economic and entertainment engine continues to drive locals and visitors to the heart of the Crescent City, delighting them around every turn.

Fall Festivities & Frights!

September 06, 2022
As the summer heat breaks and coolness creeps into the air, the fall season eases its way into New Orleans. Fall in the Crescent City is a perfect blend of food, frights and festivals. Starting with our Labor Day celebrations, the city is active throughout the holidays. And no other place in the country celebrates like the Big Easy. Be it a food dish, holiday, animal, fruit or vegetable, we will have a festival or event in its honor.

Shuck Yeah! Finding Your Oyster Pearl

September 06, 2022
Raw, fried, charbroiled, Rockefeller, swimming in soup, nestled in a po-boy or atop a bed of lettuce … New Orleans’ fall-time favorite seafood is a delicious delicacy no matter which way you shuck it. The official season for Louisiana Gulf oysters typically begins just after Labor Day and runs through the end of April (AKA the “R” months) when oyster aficionados believe that they are at their best. However, since the majority of oysters are farm-raised and harvested year-round, these meaty mollusks are spectacular any time of the year.

Mingling with Spirits

September 06, 2022
Dozens of bottled spirits line the backbar of Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. But this legendary dive on the corner of Bourbon and St. Phillip is equally renowned for spirits of the spectral variety. Occupying one of the oldest buildings in the French Quarter and one of the oldest examples of briquette-entre-poteaux (brick between cypress posts) architecture, it is named after Jean and Pierre Lafitte, notorious smugglers and privateers of the early 19th century.

The Dynamic Duo of Effervescence

September 06, 2022
Since the opening of Effervescence in 2017, Executive Chefs Evan Ingram and Brenna Sanders have worked with great enthusiasm to bring their small plates menu from their travels to the charming sparkling wine lounge and restaurant in the French Quarter. A California native, Evan moved to New Orleans after culinary school in New York. He recently officiated his passion for wine with sommelier credentials. Brenna grew up in Alabama and began her professional cooking career after completing her education at Tulane University.

Chef Milton Prudence

September 06, 2022
Chef Milton Prudence has created a legacy in Southern and Creole cuisine cooking in the Crescent City. As Executive Chef of Annunciation Restaurant, Prudence brings his unique style and taste to every dish, giving diners a true New Orleans dining experience.

Beyond all Limits

September 06, 2022
Knowing your limitations can be one of the smartest things you can do for yourself, and I have always known mine. Paying attention to them can be a different story. But knowing something and living something are often two vastly different things.

If you listen to your limitations, you just might find yourself keeping the training wheels on your first two-wheel bike on far longer than you ever needed them. Let your limitations take control, and you’ll find yourself snuggled safely in your nest while the world and all its grand opportunities pass right by you without a second glance.