fall 2021

Well, that was interesting!

September 30, 2021
While it makes my heart sing to listen to people’s stories about how being quarantined changed their lives and enlightened them about their diets, their marriages, and their affinity for positive affirmation YouTube videos (insert eye roll here), it really excites me to see the changes in the world of art that were a result of artists and gallerists witnessing an unsure, uncertain future staring them in the face. It’s not any specially kept secret that art has had it fair share of growth after global hysterics scared the mixed media out of us in the community. 2020 was no different.

Drinking in the Spirits of New Orleans

September 30, 2021
When my friends come to town, invariably their first question is “Where is an interesting and unique place to go for a drink?” shortly followed by “Will you meet us there?” Therefore I thought it may be helpful to share two of my favorite new bars, as well as one of my most beloved staples from the past decade.

Fall for Al Fresco Dining

September 30, 2021
As the heat and humidity give way to cool, crisp evenings, autumn is the perfect time to dine al fresco in New Orleans. Whether you’re seeking brunch, beignets or burgers, we’re bringing you the best places sip and dine outdoors. From tempting tailgate tidbits to nocturnal noshing, you’re sure to fall for these distinctly Big Easy eateries.

Café Beignet
Multiple Locations; cafebeignet.com

The Other Side Of The French Quarter: Ethereal Or Wicked?

September 30, 2021
There’s no question that the French Quarter is haunted. It’s interesting, however, to ponder the paranormal state of the port city’s heart and soul: is it a spiritually sacred, or spiritually damaging?

Culture and Connections: The French Market's Enduring History

September 30, 2021
America’s oldest and best loved public market writes its’ own history every day. With each new sunrise on Decatur Street, history repeats itself in fresh and new ways. For over two hundred years, New Orleans residents have enjoyed “making groceries” at the old French Market in the Quarter.

Illuminating Our Jazz and Riverfront Legacies

September 29, 2021
On Saturday, October 23rd, the New Orleans Jazz Museum’s NOLA River Fest will celebrate the cultural, economic, environmental, and inspirational impacts and contributions of the Mississippi River to the Crescent City. For centuries, Old Man River has been an important route for trade and travel, has sustained livelihoods, offered opportunities for recreation, and has had a significant role in the culture, health and livelihoods of people along its long route.

Patrick Van Hoorebeek - Our Own Bon Vivant Extraordinaire

September 29, 2021
Patrick’s Bar Vin, located in the heart of the French Quarter at 730 Bienville St, takes sipping a glass of wine to a whole new level. The colorful, larger-than-life personality of Brussels-born Patrick Van Hoorebeek has gained him top posts for over 35 years. He even threw his hat in the ring to serve as Mayor of New Orleans with the slogan, “More Wine, Less Crime!” Always fashionably dressed, Patrick has been in the hospitality business most of his adult life and has worked locally in several famous hotels and renowned establishments.

Showtime: From Stage Favs to Living Legends

September 29, 2021
With the art season in full swing, there is no shortage of humorous, heartfelt, and emotionally charged shows to delight audiences. Although musical festivals are on hold, there are boundless world renowned, award-winning, and beloved local musicians ready to rock your world. From bodacious burlesque to great guitarists, you’re sure to find something to fit your entertainment bill.

Champions Square – champions-square.com
October 5 – Stone Temple Pilots and Bush with Special Guest Black Map

Spend the Night in a Bygone Era

September 29, 2021
In 18th-century America, the first lodgings which offered a bed and breakfast came into existence. With more travelers than rooms available, locals began renting out extra rooms in their homes to guests. It later became a way for homeowners to make money, and for travelers to cut expenses during the Great Depression. By the end of World War II, several middle-class Americans, inspired by trips to Europe, began establishing their own bed and breakfast services. Today’s tourists enjoy the benefits of staying in a home, sharing experiences with locals, and relishing in true hospitality.

Celebrate New Orleans Voodoo

September 29, 2021
Voodoo came to New Orleans in the early 1700s through slaves brought from Africa’s western “slave coast.” Voodoo then infused with the city’s dominant religion, Catholicism, becoming a Voodoo-Catholicism hybrid sometimes referred to as New Orleans Voodoo.