Patrick Van Hoorebeek - Our Own Bon Vivant Extraordinaire

September 29, 2021
Patrick’s Bar Vin, located in the heart of the French Quarter at 730 Bienville St, takes sipping a glass of wine to a whole new level. The colorful, larger-than-life personality of Brussels-born Patrick Van Hoorebeek has gained him top posts for over 35 years. He even threw his hat in the ring to serve as Mayor of New Orleans with the slogan, “More Wine, Less Crime!” Always fashionably dressed, Patrick has been in the hospitality business most of his adult life and has worked locally in several famous hotels and renowned establishments. Having worked as a sommelier, an award-winning maître d’, and a charming bar owner, he is a maestro at making his customers happy. He founded his namesake wine haven for both local wine enthusiasts and curious visitors, but offers a wide range of libation sensations.

Among the many spirits served, Patrick is proud to offer Beattie’s Vodka, a premium farm-to-bottle potato vodka. At his recent ten-year anniversary celebration for Patrick’s Bar Vin, he fell in love with what is now his favorite cocktail, Beattie’s Belgium Iced Tea. This refreshing and simple concoction is made with iced tea, lemonade, and Beattie’s Vodka.

Beattie’s is an award-winning family-run distillery, farming the same land for over a century in Southern Ontario. Beattie’s was born out of five generations of farm-crafted experience, beginning with their great-grandfather Roland Beattie, who came over from Scotland in 1876. He instilled the core values the family and business live by to this day: work hard, love what you do and give back to your community.

Today, Beattie’s Farms & Distillers is led by founder Ken Beattie and a passionate team of family, farmers, and distillery staff who all wake up every morning with one simple ambition: Make the world’s best tasting spirits through hard work, devotion, taste, and originality. Many connoisseurs think it is the best-tasting vodka in the world. Their distillery now distributes sweet potato vodka, strawberry vodka, blueberry and lemongrass vodka, potato gin, and Poitín, an aged, Irish-style potato moonshine aged in white oak barrels.

Beattie’s is the official sponsor of the Krewe of Cork and they make a wonderful Bloody Mary, a real eye-opener for Fat Tuesday! “It’s good to be King!” Patrick proclaims. He is founder of the Krewe of Cork and serves as their “King for Life.” Each Mardi Gras day, he leads fellow Corkians on their annual wine-fueled jaunt through the French Quarter. Oh, what a joy it is to behold the Bacchanalian revelers costumed in corks, wine labels, champagne bottles, and Marie Antoinette-style bouffants with bunches of grapes dripping among their curls. They stroll and imbibe, enjoying the camaraderie that only a good bottle can bring, all while celebrating all things wine. They are quite the spectacle, even on Fat Tuesday, as they saunter and dance down the streets to the rhythm of the Freddie Alonzo and the Cork Poppas jazz band, while their “wine police” assure that no glass is left unattended.