spring 2014

The French Quarter and "Hollywood South"

May 06, 2014
The movie industry has become an important part of the Louisiana economy, with the lush and diverse landscape and architecture serving as the setting for dozens of films over the years. While a popular choice for filmmakers today, before the 1950s location filming was rare, and movies set in New Orleans were generally filmed on constructed sets in Hollywood, California.

Romancing the Quarter

February 12, 2014
While some romantics might think that looking for romance in the French Quarter is like Indiana Jones searching for the Temple of Doom, the truth is that romance is littered in every corner of this unique, American neighborhood we call home.

A Spirited Stroll

February 12, 2014
Strolling and exploring the French Quarter with its overload of cerebral and sensual attractions - from the history, arts and architecture to food, drinks and music, guests and residents alike are always seeking "the next best thing" or the ensuing extraordinary experience!

With all the fun and anticipation of more head-turning, eye-popping sights and sounds, a little respite may be in order. The always fascinating French Quarter s offers an endless array of places to stop and enjoy a libation and perhaps a light bite while refreshing and reviving.

"It's Showtime!"

February 11, 2014
It has often been said that in New Orleans, dinner is an entire evening's theatre. The exciting dining scene is framed in stunning sets, complex social and cuisine interplay, defined roles, a cast of characters, and a satisfying close.

Now this city boasts one of the most dynamic live theater performance offerings you will find anywhere in the world, AND we still have the dining scene envied by America's other great culinary capitals.

Party Time

February 11, 2014
Being in the French Quarter in springtime, or festival season, is like being Marie Antoinette on the season finale of the show "Cake Boss" ; so many fabulous bites of moist and delicious cake to sink your teeth into, and so little time to do it. From February to April, New Orleans is bursting at the seams with cultural events, festivals, and parties that not only keep locals and visitors smiling, but also define the very heartbeat of the city for the rest of the year. And, the heart of the party is the French Quarter.

Mardi Gras from a Balcony

February 11, 2014
One of the most instantly recognizable architectural features in the French Quarter is the lacy ironwork that lines many of its narrow streets. For numerous Mardi Gras participants, the Quarter's ironwork balconies - which are attached to buildings and supported by brackets, as opposed to galleries, which cover the sidewalk and are supported by iron poles - are considered prime party space. Here partiers gather to watch the passing parade of street revelers and lavishly costumed marching groups, as well as toss coveted plastic beads to people begging for them from below.

Stepping Back in Time in the "Paris of the South"

February 11, 2014
Sipping Cafe au Lait while indulging in buttery, golden croissants at the Croissant D'Or Patisserie, we stepped back into a time when time itself was savored and sipping coffee with friends was a special daily ritual. For a moment, we thought that we might walk out the door and see the top of the Tour d'Eiffel peeking at us from behind a row of Haussmann apartment buildings rather than the Ursuline Convent nearby.

Casual Eats

February 11, 2014
It's Carnival time and you know what that means"... Chasing floats for a coveted Zulu coconut, tossing beads from a Bourbon Street balcony, jamming to high stepping marching bands are all in a day's work. Not to mention the endless, float-sized "to go" cocktails, late night Mardi Gras balls and lack of nutritionally sound food. Let's face it, man can not survive on Lucky Dogs and King Cake alone!