Heart of The Quarter - The Fabulous Faces of Nikki McCoy

July 31, 2012
Whenever I think of strong women, I get an image of Tootsie in my head, then I refocus and suddenly standing before me are my lady heroes. You know them as Dorothy and Scarlett; I know them as the founders of the "tough bitch club". We will call that the TBC so I don't have to keep saying "bitch" over, and over, which will undoubtedly upset my editor Donna (who btw is the TBC member with the best shoes). Anyway, these ladies made lemons out of lemonade, took the bad and made it good, and stared straight ahead and on the track. Now, they were gonna make their dreams come true, doing it always, nothings gonna turn us back now ... sorry, I got carried away.

Long and short, I love these girls. They are strong, determined, and in many cases leading the men to victory, or to the hairdresser in the Land of Oz. Whether tapping their glitter heels together, or puking up rotten carrots in a war-torn field in Georgia, the TBC is proud of these ladies and their ability to make the world sit up and take notice.

The French Quarter is definitely home to several members of the TBC, some of whom I admire and some of whom I run from, or at minimum, skip gingerly from. The coolest and most talented of them all is this issue's Heart of the Quarter. Stationed at Fifi Mahoney's visual play land, Nikki McCoy runs the gamut on what's cool and hot at the same time. We sat down for a chat and, needless to say, she was TBC all the way.

1. R.T.: What makes the French Quarter the best place to do business, say over larger cities like New York and San Francisco?

N.M.: Smaller, smaller, smaller, New Orleans is smaller. We are like a family here. A big, happy, fabulous family. That makes doing this business easy and fun.

2. R.T.: How did you decide on New Orleans as the location for work?

N.M.: Everyone costumes here for any reason. The business opportunities were just too hard to pass up. The French Quarter is the perfect place for this kind of business.

3. R.T.: What do you say to people when they say our neighborhood is unsafe?

N.M.: I say use common sense and stay where you see people. If you go looking for trouble, chances are you will find it.

R.T. You can say that again.

4. R.T.: I want to be beautiful like Scarlett, Dorothy, or my editor Donna. What can Fifi's place do for me?

N.M.: (laughs) Well, I would have to cover you completely, so we would have to start with a wig. Fifi's carries all the styles imaginable, and in any color imaginable. I would continue on to contour your face with the correct makeup to make you your perfect drag self. I could also sell you the makeup to keep up the look for BBQ's and sporting events.

R.T.: Sweet, what about civil war reenactments?

5. R.T.: What's the best part about working with our tourists?

N.M.: What I love about our folks visiting is that they will come in all ready not to dress for Halloween or for Mardi Gras but leave here completely in costume and looking like a local. I love turning tourists into locals. They come back every time they are here.

6. R.T.: If a group of aliens (real aliens, not the kind in Lee Circle) kidnapped you and asked you to describe the French Quarter in one sentence, what would it be?

N.M.: History, frivolity, and beauty got together for a drink.

R.T.: Aww, I like that.