summer 2016

Creole Cuisine: New Orleans’s Distinctive Style of Cooking

May 10, 2016
New Orleans, and in particular the Vieux Carré, or the “old square,” as the French Quarter is often referred, is known throughout the world as a destination for gourmands and epicures. As the novelist William Makepeace Thackeray noted, “New Orleans, in spring-time... it seemed to me the city of the world where you can eat and drink the most and suffer the least.” The city is a place to enjoy decadent food of many varieties, but the cuisine that many likely think of when considering New Orleans’s famous food is Creole.

So Many Entertaining Evenings!

May 10, 2016
Get out those fashionable white linens, espadrilles, sandals and seersucker suits, and other stylish, summer-ish threads as New Orleans’ semi-tropical climate is upon us. As we spring into summer, New Orleans’ year ‘round seasonal festivals and cultural events are soaring.

Now is a particularly excellent time for festivals, outdoor extravaganzas devoted to all matters New Orleans - music, culture, cuisine and celebration.

The Beauty That Surrounds Us

May 10, 2016
Close your eyes and picture yourself in an open air café on the Avenue de Champs Elysée or maybe in a quaint courtyard of a Paris café….then open your eyes and you are there! The Vieux Carre has all the charm of our European friends and so much more…. romance fills the air with sounds of Jazz, birds singing, and the smell of fresh-brewed chicory coffee… only the French Quarter can deliver. The Courtyards of the French Quarter are private, lush, and teaming with nature, and are as important as the walls that surround them.

Dining al Fresco!

May 10, 2016
Since we spend so much effort, time and money into putting a roof over our head, it’s pretty amazing how much we humans enjoy being outside, especially dining, with only the stars between us and infinity!

Who does not love the openness, the fresh air, the smells of the night, the soft wind, and the subdued lighting usually coming from candles slightly flickering. These are the moments of which lifetime memories are made.

Savor the Cocktails… Revel in the Music

May 10, 2016
One of the real joys of spending time in the French Quarter is transitioning from having a good day -- and most days here are very good -- into the anticipation and then the realization of a very good evening in one of the world’s most desired destinations.

At some point, maybe during the course of the unfolding day, taking a break could be just the ticket.

Chef’s Profile: Chef Phillip Todd, Bombay Club

May 10, 2016
People move from one city to another for a variety of reasons. Often, the move is for love, either the love of a new place or the love of a special someone.

Chef Phillip Todd was twice lucky. He fell in love with a wonderful girl who is a native New Orleanian. Todd embraced both the girl and the city because he always wanted to be a chef and what better place in the world than New Orleans to practice his craft.

Romantic French Quarter Weddings

May 10, 2016
Danni lived in Texas all of her life and she never dreamed that she would tie the knot in the French Quarter. After graduation from Texas A&M University with a degree in elementary education, she moved to Fredericksburg, Texas, to teach math and science to fourth graders. She did not know anyone in the small town until she met Brandon, a dashingly handsome neighbor from Illinois. They fell head-over-heels madly in love and the rest is history! She had the world in her hand… or, as we say in New Orleans, the world was her oyster!

Art in the Magic Kingdom

May 10, 2016
New Orleans is known for the Music, the Food, and the Art. All three of those go hand-in-hand here in the French Quarter. As a full-time resident, I often find myself thinking about how lucky I am to live in such a unique community. With such rich history and culture, it’s easy to forget that this city is more than just a vacation destination.