Jenny B. Tilbury

Art in the Magic Kingdom

May 10, 2016
New Orleans is known for the Music, the Food, and the Art. All three of those go hand-in-hand here in the French Quarter. As a full-time resident, I often find myself thinking about how lucky I am to live in such a unique community. With such rich history and culture, it’s easy to forget that this city is more than just a vacation destination.

It Starts at the Heart

February 03, 2016
Art starts at the heart. Literally, when referring to the French Quarter. Jackson Square is in the heart of the French Quarter and is also the center of the local art scene. The Square has been the launch pad for many successful New Orleans artists.

Hot Night In The City

August 04, 2015
As a French Quarter resident, I’m often asked,
“What’s your favorite French Quarter event?”
I consistently reply, “Dirty Linen Night” in August.
The response is always the same. “It’s so hot in August!”