Shaking Up the Classics

March 07, 2022
Anna Tusa, owner of Briquette, was brainstorming over cocktails, thinking of creative ways to engage her guests in a small-group setting in her restaurant. “Why not do craft cocktail classes over lunch or dinner? We have a ton of great food tours, cocktail tours, and ghost tours, so why not a craft cocktail class paired with a three-course lunch or brunch?” From those pandemic ponderings, Tusa begun the Shaken Up NOLA Craft Cocktail Classes in 2022. The class is the best of both worlds, a food tour and a cocktail tour meshed with live demonstration and education in a relaxed environment.

Tusa is certainly shaking up the tour scene by offering a fun, laid-back, yet educationally engaging experience! The experience includes direct instruction and demonstration on making four craft cocktails, a three-course lunch or brunch of local cuisine prepared by the award-winning briquette culinary team paired with the craft cocktails demonstrated for the class. Guests may sit at the bar and engage directly with the bartender while being served from the set menu. Learn how to make selected cocktails from the experts while you sip away and learn the history behind each one.

Briquette’s lunch menu has two craft cocktail options. One option includes the Prohibition craft cocktails of New Orleans; the other option, Bougee, offers old-school classics reimagined. The brunch menu is paired with bubbles and bourbon cocktails. You can make your choice of cocktails upon prior request. Everyone takes home a copy of all the cocktail recipes. When paired with lunch, the class is two hours long, which makes for an enjoyable leisurely afternoon. Gluten-free, pork-free, or vegetarian options are available.

While traveling, it’s fun to taste the culinary delights and favorite local cocktails of the city you’re visiting. There is much to learn about the culture and history of a city through the food and drinks, as well as from the bartenders and servers you meet along the way.

A cocktail class with a meal is a wonderful celebration for birthdays, corporate team-building, bachelorette parties, and couple’s date night. Let’s shake it up! Book a class online at 701 S. Peters St. (in the Warehouse District).