Spring 2023

Festival Season!

March 03, 2023
As the Carnival Season comes to an end, the city comes alive with the vibrant colors and in all the sights and sounds of Spring. From nationally renowned music festivals to local holiday parades, New Orleans blossoms during the months of March through May. Here are just some of the Spring Highlights to add to your calendar.

The Stage Is Set!

March 03, 2023
Now that Mardi Gras has rolled by and Mother Nature is ushering in warmer days and nights, the performing arts scene is heating up, as well! From acclaimed musical legends and beloved Broadway performances to casual, outdoor concerts featuring local favorites, it’s time to head out and take in all that the Big Easy has to offer. Bravo!
City Park – neworleanscitypark.org
April 25: Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra presents Swing In The Oaks

Kazoo Horns, Bazookas, and Slow Drag: Box Guitars and Homemade Instruments A New Exhibit at The Jazz Museum

March 03, 2023
People have been making instruments since the beginning of human history. There is something inherent in our species and development that makes us want to create and express ourselves. Rattles made of bird skulls and turtle shells, whistles fashioned from the wing and leg bones of large birds, and eagle bone and sugarcane flutes have been found at Native American mounds. People need to make sound, so they make things that create sound.

Come for the Food; Stay for the Music at French Quarter Fest!

March 03, 2023
The 40th anniversary of French Quarter Festival presented by Chevron, the largest free festival and showcase of Louisiana music, food, and culture, takes place April 13-16 from 11am to 8pm across venues and stages throughout the French Quarter. This year’s festival invites locals and visitors to join an unforgettable culinary adventure featuring regional cuisine from more than sixty local restaurants, and to dance to the beat of over 270 performances from talented musicians on twenty stages.

The French Market Springs into Action! A bevy of celebrations from Tomatoes to Pride

March 03, 2023
Now that spring has sprung, the French Market District is in full bloom with an abundance of colorful festivals and exciting events for the whole family. While there are always treasures to be discovered—from original works of fine art to kitschy souvenirs, and tasty culinary creations to dig into—these lively and entertaining socials make spending a day at the French Market a must!

Hooked on Seafood - Alluring restaurants that are sure to reel you in!

March 03, 2023
In a city revered for its fantastic fish, mouthwatering mollusks and choice crustaceans, and where finding tasty eats is like shooting fish in a barrel, standing out in the seafood scene is no easy feat. We dove in head-first to catch a glimpse of just a few local dining establishments that are dishing up some delish catch of the day, so you don’t have to go fishing around.

Acme Oyster House – acmeoyster.com

Jazz Up Your Evenings with Refreshing Cocktails

March 03, 2023
Imaginative cuisine, world-class musical performances and tantalizing aromas are easy to find at our festivals. It’s a great time to let your hair down, wear your comfy colorful clothes, and indulge your senses while celebrating from “soup to nuts”—or should we say “Crawfish Monica to Sazeracs”. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating round of cocktails after a long hot day of festing!

The Art of Festing

March 03, 2023
If we’re being honest, there’s no better way to understand Festival Season in New Orleans than speaking with a local who sleeps, eats, lives, and dies by the festivities. In case you aren’t sure if you know one of these people, here’s how you can identify them. They will start talking about the Jazz Fest line up at the Thanksgiving table. Perhaps you might catch them arguing over which is better: the crawfish bread or the crawfish bread pudding. They will skip work, funerals, weddings, and even post-pone surgeries to avoid any commitment that might fall between March 1st and the end of May.