Holiday Shopping - French Quarter Style

November 08, 2012
The holiday season brings traditions to life in the French Quarter. Another thing it does is give the opportunity to trade the hustle and bustle of the suburban mall for a shopping experience like no other. While holiday shopping reached its peak on Canal Street, some of the most interesting and hard to locate items lie within the thirteen blocks of the French Quarter.

Get a real scent of The French Quarter with a visit to Hove' Parfumer Ltd at 434 Chartres Street. Announcing a new skin care line and anti aging treatments, this shop will not only leave you smelling good, but looking good too. Each fragrance is designed to fit the wearer. Customized scents are created on site right in front of you. Looking for something a little more mainstream? Hove' still has it with fragrances pre mixed and labeled. Each scent's ability to adapt to the person wearing it is the draw that brings folks in; it is the fragrances that make them stay. Bath salts, lotions, and adornments are also a mainstay at this shop. Don't forget the man in your life likes a little pampering as well, so fill, his stocking with a fashionable shave set. Prices vary depending on your creativity and budget, but start around the $15.00 mark.

If sparkly things are more to your liking, visit one of the newest and finest jewelry store in the Quarter, Maison Royale at 501 Royal Street, is fast becoming the jewelry destination of choice for tourist and locals. Their Jewelry selection is unique and show stopping, with elegant pieces fit for a queen. The Jade collection is unrivaled in the city, and the art that decorates the open and very fashionable studio space is exquisite. Opened under two years ago at the corner of Royal Street and St. Louis Street, Mansion Royale treats its customers just as its name says, like royalty. The shop's window-shopping is some of the best in the Quarter as well.

Experience fun and togetherness and develop a talent with a few classes at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Experience the newest trend in gift giving at 524 St. Louis Street. Thanks to merchants like The New Orleans School of Cooking, giving an experience has become more important than the actual physical gift. The School offers just that with a selection of classes designed to teach locals and tourist the real way to cook like a local. From red beans to alligator, the classes vary to fit tastes and schedules. Top it off with a gift-associated basket. Fill a basket with all the goods needed from their store, for the first at home experience. While many of us can cook, few of us can cook like the chefs and teachers at The New Orleans School of Cooking. Give the gift of good taste from the French Quarter.

Passing on a taste of red beans for a taste of France will have you at 407 Royal Street at The Brass Monkey Ltd. The French Quarter's premier Limoges dealer. We have all seen the little decorative clasp boxes filled with a porcelain treat. This place refined them with every imaginable shape, design, and theme. Look for birthday cake boxes, ballerina boxes, boxes that capture historic events as well as animal shapes. Collectors rave that it is the most impressive collection in the southern United States. While the store hours can be tricky, it is worth the prep to see and feel the surroundings of thousands of tiny works of art.

For piece of New Orleans and the French Quarter, take a walk to ----Royal Street to the gift shop at The Historic New Orleans collection. The shop houses reproduction maps, posters, and other fine print material that took precedents in the early day of the city. Do you read a bit? The collection has one of kind books that can only be found among its shelves. One of kind and exclusive jewelry and other bits of interest created by local artists are also a draw. Aside from an amazing and knowledgeable staff, the NOHC gift shop also offers reproductions from their actual collection. Take a tour and fall in love with our city all over again.