Big Headz and Flying with Celebrities: That’s Just Perfect

December 15, 2022
Tell me if this has happened to you: you are getting ready to go to the club. Suddenly you see a dazzling, attractive, perfectly put-together version of what you think might be you, looking back at you from the mirror. Shocked, you move slowly up to the mirror and stare your reflection down as if this glorious version of you, at any moment, might suddenly vanish before your eyes. Then it doesn’t, and you realize this is going to be great night.

Yeah, this has happened to you?

Well, then, you won’t be surprised when you meet the newest gallerist/artist to join the French Quarter roster of amazing artists. Her name is Amay, and she comes to Exchange Alley with a New Orleans ancestry that reads like a Who’s Who of cool New Orleans people. Putting down her corporate flight attendant wings to let the rich and famous to fend for themselves amongst the clouds, Amay has more than embraced her talents; she has embraced her destiny.

With a fire for fashion and beautiful things, she opens her doors to the public Saturday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. and allows her Big Headz to run free. The gallery, located at 307 Exchange Alley, will be the showplace of Amay’s years of painting. Her collection of Big Headz are inspired by people she met while flying (see Karl Lagerfeld’s inspired Karla Lagerfeld). The collection of almost-fashion images are also inspired by many cities she has visited and lived in, and tons of other beautiful things that have left a mark on the artist who’s painted since she was 11 years old.

“They come to me at night while I am sleeping,” she says of her female creations. Created mostly on canvas and paper, she works on a handmade French paper called Arches. Their oversized faces are embellished with diamond dust, glitter, sequins, crystals and gems. Leaning into her love of fashion, each one of them sports a unique style all their own and a name uniquely theirs. This too comes to her in her sleep, as the styles invade her dreams and demand to be her next muse.

Saying that she would only open her doors in the French Quarter, a perfect series of events led to her landing this gallery space. Having made a transition from a smaller gallery in Mobile, the gallery will feature her work exclusively.

So tell me if this has ever happened to you: everything comes together perfectly, you are dazzling, you shine bright like a diamond and the next thing you know, it is the right place at the right time, and you are the star of the show. If you are Amay, you can say “Yes.”