Chef’s Profile: Chef Phillip Todd, Bombay Club

May 10, 2016
People move from one city to another for a variety of reasons. Often, the move is for love, either the love of a new place or the love of a special someone.

Chef Phillip Todd was twice lucky. He fell in love with a wonderful girl who is a native New Orleanian. Todd embraced both the girl and the city because he always wanted to be a chef and what better place in the world than New Orleans to practice his craft.

Growing up in northwestern Indiana, less than an hour from Chicago, Todd learned to cook comfort food with his Mom and Grandmother and discovered that he enjoyed the experience.

The budding young cook spent part of his hitch in the Armed Forces in the kitchen. Upon his release from military service, “love” happened and so did New Orleans. The reputation of his new city in the culinary arts opened another vast doorway into the world of cuisine.

At New Orleans’ Restaurant Martinique, Phillip learned about the French cooking techniques and standards that he was not familiar with in northwest Indiana. Then he moved on to Restaurant R’evolution where he learned about history, ingredients, flavor combinations and presentations.

“I still have much to learn, which will likely be a lifelong pursuit, but I now have a broader grasp of what’s possible, and I have also learned what not to do,” Todd readily admits.

Both of those restaurant experiences, where his dedication earned him a great deal of free rein in developing and enhancing dishes, were in upscale kitchens. In a short period of time, he gained an appreciation that the finest ingredients yielded the best results.

“I am committed to only purchasing for my kitchen the finest products of its kind. I only use the most exceptional and freshest fish, the highest grade of meat, and the most recently harvested vegetables and fruits. This is the only way can you provide the customer the very best dining experience possible,” Todd added.

“I particularly love what I can obtain right in my own neighborhood here in New Orleans,” he continued. “The product diversity and seasonal opportunities are nothing short of exciting.”